Panasonic Dealer is a Communication System Expert who specializes in selling, installing and maintaining high-quality equipments for Panasonic Telephone Systems. Panasonic Dealers have been running since 1996 and is already in the industry for over 23 years. Our Panasonic dealers are spread across the states with the main headquarters located at Windermere Florida.

Our goal is to give you a high quality telephone communication system at an affordable price. We strongly believe that effective communication is the key to building their trust.

We Install Telephone Systems for:

  • Businesses

Communicating with your customers as well as your employees can be costly. Telephone systems can help you cut up to 50% operational costs. Connecting with your customers will no longer be a burden on your side.

  • Residential Houses

Keep in touch with your family and friends with our wired and wireless solution for residential houses. You can extend your telephone systems and have it installed in your vacation homes and remote offices.

Our maintenance and backup for voice-mail and telephone systems are top-notch. We also offer off-site upgrades and emergency replacement services for those who needs to have their telephone system fixed.

Our customers are our top-priority which is why we make sure that you’re always satisfied with the products and services that we offer. We ensure that every item you purchase are of excellent quality so it can last for a long time.