KX-NS Series Overview

Which system is better for me – the KX-NS700 or the KX-NS1000?

The quick answer to that is that probably 95 out of a 100 applications fall into the KS-NS700 category because of it scalability, flexibility, and low cost whereas the KX-NS1000 is better suited for large sprawling enterprise applications using network-only telephones and devices. Sharing some of our most-asked questions will shed more light on this subject:

Q: Is this Revolutionary Technology?
A: No. SIP Server technology is not new, but it is emerging but what is new it’s the convergence.  What makes the NS Series stand out is that it incorporates many of Panasonic’s proprietary features and add-on devices into the mix.  The NS700 & NS1000 are compatible with most of Panasonic’s wired and wireless products, door phones, voice mail and automated attendants. You can easily add features such as email faxing (commonly referred to as affordable e-faxing).  The NS1000 system also has an add-on Conference Bridge (not to be confused with normal, everyday Call Conferencing).  The Conference Bridge allows you to set up a special telephone number that callers can dial at a predetermined time, and join in on a conference or webinar after entering a PIN.

Q: Size-wise, who is best suited for this system?
A: One of the most beneficial features of the NS Series is the scalability. We build it to suit your current needs, and then as you grow we simply add keys that unlock features and capacity limits.  Once these limits are reached, you simply add expansion cabinets until the system reaches its current limitation of approximately 262 total extensions on the NS700 and 8,000 total extensions on the NS1000. But don’t let these large numbers scare you because you pay as you go. Very small applications can use the KX-NS700 quite affordable.

Q: So, are you saying that if I have 2 Central Office Trunks and 5 Extensions, this is the right system for me?
A: Yes – we are saying that the NS700 would be a good fit even at this small size but probably not the NS1000. The point is that you do not need to have a 1000+ Extension requirement before these systems start to make sense. We suggest that you keep reading, as this will get clearer as you go.

Q: Can the NS700 system use Digital Telephones?
A: Yes. It can accommodate Panasonic’s Digital Telephones, Panasonic SIP Telephones, 3rd Party SIP Telephones, Panasonic Proprietary Network Telephones, Panasonic Proprietary Wireless, 3rd Party 802.11 SIP Wireless Telephones or 3rd Party SIP Apps on your carrier-based cell phone (Spring, Verizon) or WiFi Network, fax machines, modems, external ringers, signaling strobe lights, M2M (machine to machine) applications, credit card readers and more.

Q: Can the NS1000 system use Digital Telephones?
A: The short answer is “no” – it uses Panasonic’s SIP Telephones, 3rd Party Sip Telephones, Panasonic Proprietary Network Telephones, Panasonic Proprietary Wireless, 3rd Party 802.11 SIP Wireless Telephones or 3rd Party SIP Apps on your carrier-based cell phone (Spring, Verizon) or WiFi Network.  The longer answer is that “yes,” you can use digital phones when the KX-NS1000 system is part of a larger network of systems that includes a KX-TDEor KX-NCPseries PBX.  So, let’s say this another way:  If you were starting from scratch and had no system whatsoever and either knew that one day you might grow the system into something larger – OR … you were starting from scratch with no system whatsoever and specifically wanted to use SIP telephones, or were OK with SIP telephones, then the NS1000 is a good choice.  However, if you already know that you wanted the ease and security of digital phones or the flexibility of having analog devices such as M2M (machine to machine) applications, credit card readers, fax machines, modems, external ringers, signaling strobe lights and so on, then look toward the TDEor NCPinstead.  But lastly, (and here’s where it gets a little more complicated) … if you already have a TDEor NCPand are adding new offices, you can still add NS1000 systems and join them all together using a feature called “One Look IP Network.”

Q: Last question:  If you had to over generalize where and when you would use the NS700 product as opposed to where and when you would use the KX-NS1000, what would you say?
A: The KX-NS700 is possible the most versatile telephone system ever produced by any manufacturer. It’s affordable for little guys as well as the big guys because of its “Pay as you Go” pricing concepts. We would probably recommend the NS1000 system to people who want to keep their Wide Area Voice Networking costs to a minimum, without sacrificing voice quality.  These are people who already know that Hosted PBX Services are out of the question because of lack of security, poor quality, loss of control or compromised 911 issues.  The NS1000 customer is looking for the most cost-effective solution to: “Ring, Hello, Talk & Hang Up.”  Or, the NS1000 customer is someone with a V-WAC application (Very Wide Area Communications) and needs something better than Cisco.

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