KX-TA824 Packages

KX-TA824 Budget PBX is perfect for small homes and offices with 24 phones or less using POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines. It will support up to 2 voice mail systems, each using up to 2 ports.

Its native phones are any of those in the KX-T7700 series from Panasonic as well as any of the older models such as those from the KX-T7000, KX-T7100 or KX-T7300 series. These are all Panasonic “4-wire multiline analog” telephones. It also supports single line telephones or devices and the Integrated 1-on-1 Wireless Model KX-TD7896 Telephones. It has it limitations though. For instance, it does not support VoIP extensions like those used off-premise. It does not support SIP Trunking or IP Gateways.

The maximum number of Automated Attendant & Voice Mail Ports per company is 4, so it is not the best choice for most small businesses unless the traffic is light. It is also the only PBX product that we offer that does not support Personal Cellular Telephone Service, so it is not the best choice for large areas in need of wireless communications.

In summary, this is a good small system for small companies or small homes but if you are looking for more features and more flexibility in this size, look toward the KX-TDA50G or KX-NCP500.

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