KX-TDA200 Packages

KX-TDA200 systems are best suited for medium to large size business applications or upscale residential applications in the 7,000-12,000 square feet range with IP as something that one might want to work into but not employ today.

The KX-TDA200 employs UCSD (Universal Card Slot Design). UCSD allows for any available card to be inserted into any available slot in any order.

The KX-TDA200 has a total of eleven (11) Universal Card Slots. With UCSD technology, you can even remove the cards from a KX-TDA200 and insert them into a larger KX-TDA600 with few exceptions. Better yet, cards can be removed and reinstalled in any of the more robust KX-TDE200 or KX-TDE600 systems. This makes the possibility of outgrowing this system, quite remote.

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