KX-TDA50G Packages

KX-TDA50G systems are best suited for very small business applications or small residential applications with IP as something that one might want to work into but not employ today. By that we mean that it is possible to add a variety of IP Modules to the basic KX-TDA50G in the event that IP is warranted later.

For example, by adding IP modules, the KX-TDA50G supports up to 8 SIP trunks, 4 VoIP phones and/or 4 IP Gateways to other H.323 capable PBX systems. Without IP, the KX-TDA50G maxes out at 8 total trunks and 24 total extensions (48 using DXDP) or 12 total trunks and 20 total extensions (44 using DXDP).

The phone technology natively employed by the TDA50G is 2-wire multiline digital (KX-DT300-series) but the system will support single line analog, Panasonic 4-wire multiline analog (KX-T7700-series) and up to 4 VoIP when properly configured. Wireless options include, Personal Cellular Phones and Integrated 1-on-1 Wireless Telephones (one transceiver for each phone).