KX-TDE600 Packages

KX-TDE600 systems are best suited for large to extra large size business applications or large family estate or compound applications in the 12,000 square feet and above range using IP features from the onset. KX-TDE600 installed systems typically use a mixture of IP phones, digital phones and single line phone devices.

An example would be in a campus of residential estate application having several buildings. The main building that houses the KX-TDE600 might use 2-wire digital phones whereas the remote buildings might use IP phones plugged into the extended fiber optic LAN.

The KX-TDE600 is extremely flexible because of the sheer number of Universal Card Slots that are available – eleven (11) in the mail cabinet and twelve (12) in any one of three (3) expansion cabinets.

The KX-TDE600 is our largest, most flexible and most sophisticated system to date.

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