Music On Hold

Why Music On Hold?

How it All Began
We’ve gotten so used to hearing music when we’re put on hold during a telephone call with a business that we panic when the music stops, thinking the call has been dropped. Keenly aware of this mindset, most businesses employ music-on-hold features in their telephone systems. Who thought of this ingenious way to keep people from hanging up the phone while waiting on hold? How did Music On Hold all begin?

A Freak Happenstance
Back in 1962 an inventor named Alfred Levy discovered that a loose wire in his factory that touched a steel girder caused his phone system to pick up the transmission of a local radio station. Instantly, Levy saw the practical applications this mishap presented and patented the first Music On Hold system in 1966.

Music on Hold Buying Guide
If you are shopping for a Music on Hold system for your business, you can find the product that meets your needs online at retail sites such as, one of the world’s most trusted sources of Panasonic communications equipment.

The Intellitouch On Hold Plus 8000 USB music on hold unit, designed for use with all PBX and key phone systems, conveniently plays audio back from any USB flash drive. To add new audio content, just copy any MP3 file from your PC to the USB flash drive. Comes with a 128MB USB flash drive that’s preloaded with 3 hours of high-quality, fully licensed music in crisp, clean audio along with some pre-recorded messages.

Intellitouch’s NEW On Hold Plus 9000-IP message on hold unit, is so easy to use, just plug & play and walk away. You connect to LAN or WiFi to manage both music/message on-hold content and optional overhead business music from any web browser. The powerful, yet simple web based interface allows users to manage a single player or groups of players, all from one place. Simply and easily update content via any network connection or USB flash drive.

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