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– Panasonic PC phone/ IP softphone/ Outlook toolbar pack and multi-site programming SW activation key- Contains 5 activation keys that can be used for either PC phone, IP softphone or Outlook toolbar- PC phone software provides the user with the ability to use their PC to operate their telephones when connected to the KX-T7601 USB expansion module- To activate PC phone requires one license- The IP softphone is software that allows you to use your PC as a telephone when connected to LAN, WAN or VPN- For IP softphone to operate, a KX-TDA100/200 must be connected to the same network using VoIP extension card KX-TDA0470- To fully activate the IP softphone requires 4 activation keys- To activate the Outlook toolbar requires licenses and a connection to the optional USB expansion module KX-T7601- Multi-site programming SW activation keys, max 2 activation keys- First activation key supports 2-10 sites, a second activation key is requires to support from 11-100 sites- One KX-TDA0350 supports one Unified Programming and Maintenance Tool 2-10 sites, a second KX-TDA0350 must be purchased to support from 11-100 sitesKXTDA0350

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