Very Large Residential

Typically anything over 7,000 square feet with any number of phone lines shared between the homeowner, staff and sometimes a business. The total count of telephones is usually 20 and above plus a fax. There are normally phones in the kitchen, den or library, great room or living room, family room, 6 bedrooms or more, most bathrooms, laundry room, gym, theater, garage(s), staff living quarters, guest house bedrooms and guest house kitchenette. Usually, there are several wireless phones for the inside of the home and possibly the pool or cabana area where applicable. Very Large systems tend to lean more toward the KX-NCP1000 or KX-TDE100/200 whenever there is home automation hardware involved. Besides size, which is obvious, the other differences between Large and Very Large systems are the versatility issues between the NCP series and the TDE series. The NCP Series is more compact and has a more finite maximum capacity. The TDE Series is one that can continue to expand by moving most (if not all) installed cards to larger cabinets should the need arise. Both Large and Very Large systems are often part of a Network of PBX’s. For instance … a homeowner might have a need for more than one home and thereby want multiple, stand-alone systems each connected to the other via an Internet Gateway for seamless intercom dialing between any extension in any location. Centralized Voice Mail allows for easy access to messages, regardless of which location the homeowner is at.

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